Business Planning

Here at Foinaven we have years of experience in helping small to medium sized businesses maximise their opportunities.

Business Protection

Protection for your business in terms of share purchase, key people and liabilities. This ensures business succession and continuity can occur with minimum disruption to the financial health of the business.

Exit Strategies

One of the issues a business owner has is when and how they are going to exit a business and whether they are going to maximise their opportunity. This is a large area of consideration and we can assist with the planning here through using certain strategies in advance of the exit. The further in advance you can plan the better the outcome.

Partnership & Shareholder Protection

Upon death, critical illness or long-term sickness & disability, the business could suffer devastating financial consequences. We can help with the proper agreements and protection contracts to ensure the business survives and thrives throughout potentially difficult times.

Business planning
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Pensions for business owners, staff and the workforce are becoming increasingly important. They can be complex and changes in legislation can affect all the various different types of schemes available. Regular reviews of all the different types of schemes are paramount. They can be a huge tax advantage to business owners especially.

Business Investments

Businesses can sometimes build up wealth in cash terms and usually keep it in a high interest bearing account. This need not be the case as some or all of this money can be invested in such a way to provide investment rather than cash returns.

Group Arrangements – Death in Service, Group Pensions, Sickness and Disability

All types of arrangements for business can be arranged by our advisers and these can be segmented for different levels of management, staff and workers. One of the biggest areas of concern for an employer is that of compliance in respect of Auto Enrolment. We have a solution that can provide efficient and cost effective management of this to avoid breaking the law, and getting fines. This is discussed further on the next page.

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