Helping you achieve your goals 

Where are you now and where do you want to be in the future? That’s a question we’ll always ask when we first meet you. It’s all about your life and your personal motivations, not just your finances. With effective life planning, you can avoid the unknown, mitigate risk and make informed choices that mean you won’t run out of money in the future. 


Pensions can be confusing – after all, there are many different types and lots of people end up with multiple pensions with different providers. All this can make it very hard to work out how much you’ll have to live on when you retire. At Foinaven, we’ll review your pensions carefully to decide if they’re on the right track or if you should consider making any changes. 
Our expert Financial Planners will explain the options and opportunities open to you. You can trust us to give you clear, honest advice both on how well your current pensions are performing, and how you could make improvements to maximise your income on retirement. We can also answer all your questions around related issues such as pension charges, what happens to your pension when you die and whether your money is being invested in an appropriate manner. 

Savings and investments 

When it comes to savings and investments, it can be tempting to just leave your money where it’s been for the last X number of years. But you could be missing a big trick. At Foinaven, our Financial Planners will review your investments to give you an honest view of how well they’re doing, and tell you if you’d be better off moving your money elsewhere. 
As well as performance, we’ll also consider other areas such as charges, risk levels, guarantees, tax efficiency and ethics. You’ll end up with a clear view of your savings and investments and, if necessary, a structured plan to help you get more from your money. 

Specialist investments 

You might like to consider alternative ways of investing your money. Our Financial Planners are qualified and experienced in offering advice on a range of specialist investment types, including Enterprise Investment Schemes, Venture Capital Trusts and property purchase through pensions. Depending on your circumstances, these can be tax efficient options as well as offering potentially higher returns than standard investment types. 

Estate and inheritance planning 

Skillful estate and inheritance planning is critical to both mitigate the amount of tax you or your dependents will be liable for on your death, and to make sure your money and assets go to your chosen beneficiaries. Our Financial Planners are here to make sure your wealth is protected and your loved ones are provided for – and that you have invaluable peace of mind about the future. 
Of course, each estate is unique, and your dedicated Financial Planner will take the time to fully understand your circumstances. We can then offer you a range of services, including Wills, IHT planning, trusts, succession planning and even planning in advance for care home fees. 

Insurance & income protection 

If you’re not sure you have enough insurance or income protection in place, it’s important to take action. No one wants to leave themselves or their family without financial support if the unexpected happens. From accidents, illnesses and injury to sudden death, the risks are there – and they don’t always happen to other people. 
At Foinaven, we’ll carefully assess the types and amounts of cover you have at the moment and tell you whether it’s sufficient for your needs, or if you should consider taking out more. We can also advise if you’re paying too much for your current policies and could save money by switching to different providers. There are all kinds of options available, including Life Assurance, Critical Illness cover, Terminal Illness insurance and, of course, Income Protection. Our team are here to help you make the right choices for you and your family. 
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